The Sun Bookshop Gift Registry

    "Each peach, pear, plum … oh no, we received ANOTHER ONE!"

Books are the perfect gift, whatever the occasion, but getting five copies of the latest Jane Harper or Treehouse adventure can be a little bit disappointing.

With that in mind, our gift registry service will help reduce double, triple or quadruple-ups! Your guests can select from a carefully curated collection of books to make your special day that little bit more special, whether it’s your 1st, 11th, 21st or 50th birthday.

We’ll organise a one-on-one chat with you and our friendly, knowledgeable booksellers and children’s book specialists. We will discuss your current book collection and talk about some of the books we love (and think you will too!) and then provide you with a curated list of books. You can create a registry with any number of books, for any occasion, for all your guests to browse and purchase!

Sharing your registry with your party guests is simple. Guests can easily browse and purchase on our online store via a personalised shop for each registry. We’ll send through a direct link to your registry before it goes live and a unique code for your guests to use at checkout. They choose which book (or books!) they’d like to gift, and can leave a special message for you with their purchase.

When an item on the registry is purchased, it is deleted to avoid double-ups, and we provide gift wrapping and a card (your guests provide the message!).

To get your registry started, visit: our Gift Registry Registration Page

For more information, send us an email: or give us a call on (03) 9689 0661!